Monday, November 22, 2010

Where it all starts....

While sitting in church on Sunday listening to a sermon about being an "on fire Christian", I couldn't help but think, but what can I do? What can I do to be a help to to other Christians and spread the wonderful word of God? I came home extremely fired up (hence the title) and decided I had to do something, I just couldn't be a lukewarm Christian any here's my blog. While being a new Christian is no excuse for being wrong in any way, if I am at any point, please let me know, please correct me.
For my first post, I want to start with something very simple: the most important book in the bible. While every book in the Bible is really of equal importance, I feel if there is one book you should be acquainted with, it should be this one: Romans.
First, a quick back story of me: I was raised in a non-church attending family, although my parents are wonderful people who didn't believe in drinking or anything immoral or illegal. In high school I quickly distanced myself from their beliefs, divulging in everything they thought was wrong. My mother was very hurt and didn't know what to do so she decided that as long as I kept my grades up (I was at the top of my class) and stay involved (cheerleader, National Honor Society, etc...) that I could basically do and go as I please. On the outside I was a happy, involved, popular, partying teen, but on the inside I was so lost and felt so alone so I turned to alcohol and boys to fulfill the emptiness I felt.
Fast forward to November 2009: I had married a back-slidden fundamental baptist, we went to church for all the wrong reasons, and our marriage and our lives were in constant turmoil. My husband's older brother was visiting for the weekend and him and I started talking, he pulled out his Bible and showed me the Romans road to salvation and how I could be saved. That night with my brother-in-law I prayed, repented my sins and asked Jesus into my heart. That will be a year ago this weekend, and the past year has been so blessed and really a true testimony to what the Lord can and will do for your life. (I might fill in the gap in my story between high school and Nov. 2009 if anyone's interested in a future post.)
That is why I feel the book of Romans is so important. It describes why you would want to become a Christian and how you can become one. The Book of Romans gets everything started and build a firm foundation for you to move on to the rest of your bible.
"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23
Because of our sin we deserve only the worst, but God gave the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins which are washed away by his blood once we ask him into our heart. Hopefully my first post isn't too bad, but I was so excited about spreading His word everything just came out at once, please come back daily for a more organized somewhat devotional type message so we can grow together in the Lord!